DJ Grzegorz

My adventure with music began in Poland, where for years I perfected my musical talents playing the trumpet and the guitar in various rock and pop bands. My extensive musical experience and knowledge of “stage life” opened up new possibilities for me. After my arrival in the US, I actively participated in the technical/musical preparation of many concerts ( among others, the concert with the famous drummer Jan Budziaszek  from the rock band “Skaldowie”). I have also worked as a DJ, covering many Polish events.

Over the years I have been able to gather an extensive collection of music that I can play for my audience. You can be sure that no matter the age, everyone will have a great time listening and dancing.

I offer :

- unforgettable hits from the ‘60s through the ‘90s

- wedding and “having company over”   music

- the biggest Polish and international hits of the 21st century


During each event I am responsible not only for great music and great atmosphere but also for professional acoustics and lighting. You will not forget the wonderful experience you will have with us.

Why DJ/MC and not a live band?

As a DJ I play exclusively, well known hits. The music I play and the order in which it is played is not set in stone – it may be changed at any moment during the event to reflect the age of the audience and/or individual preferences. We are happy to accept special requests and dedications.

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